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M&DC Capability Statement


The Management and Development Center (M&DC) was founded in February 1992. The Center is a full service management training and consulting firm that offers an outstanding set of training programs, consulting services, applied researches, seminars and conferences in the fields of management and development. For seven years the Center has conducted courses with the goal of furthering development and training in Egypt and the Middle East. More

Our mission

To be pioneers in modernization of Egyptian managerial practice by offering distinguished training and consulting services that help Egyptian managers to face the expected severe challenges.
This could be achieved by perceiving the present and future international and regional environment, assessing the business’ needs, potentials, challenges and opportunities in order to define the most appropriate approach to help the Egyptian business.

Training Services

Standard and Tailored Training Programs
In addition to a wide variety of standard training programs, M&DC develops tailored training programs based on an assessment of the overall organizational and management needs of a particular institution. M&DC has designed tailored programs to organizations in areas of public Administration, corporate, industrial, agriculture, and service including banks, and hotels. These programs are designed by experts in concerned sectors according to the following approaches:

1. The Integrated Approach
Integration at M&DC means the amalgamation of manpower planning, career development plans, and employee performance appraisal in one consolidated plan. This includes the assessment of training needs of all employees, the definition of training programs and training paths determined by the strengths and interests of each employee, the design of training programs and their execution.

2. Problem Solving Training
Diagnostic studies are conducted by M&DC to determine the specific problems and obstacles facing the organization. Programs are then designed and developed as an action plan to deal with the identified problems.

3. Organizational Development Approach
This approach is considered the determining factor in achieving the manpower development and training objectives in an organization’s environment. In addition to the importance of conventional training, M&DC approaches training from the point of view of organizational development (OD). Organizational development is the result of the sum total of our institutional assessment procedures, and the overall approach determined by M&DC experts. Organizational development is one of the best ways to achieve lasting and effective change through team building, the creation of a common language among employees, and coordination.

Training Capability

Management and Development Center had organized 420 training programs, to for more than 4000 trainees for over 500 Organizations. Managerial skills, Behavioral skills, Human Resources, Purchasing & Material & Inventory Control, Production Management, ISO and TQM, Computer applications, Financial, Technical and Customer Satisfaction & Marketing programs, were among the most popular training subjects offered. M&DC training have proven very successful, and have met with sincere appreciation from trainees.
In addition, we deliver our training services to Foreign & International Organizations: ALEB Agriculture Leads Export Business a USAID Project, UN Projects- Arab League, Private Sector Development Program PSDP (Europe-Mediterranean Partnership) and the Institute of International Education IIE. M&DC was an approved Training Center by CQA (Centers for Quality Assurance a USAID Project).

Sample of training programs organized for International Organizations

  • General Management Skills, for LORD International, through EEMDC IMC, IMC/EG/IEWP-11.2(1)   /CMT/183

  • Training for Sales Representatives, for MCV Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles, EEMDC IMC, IMC/EG/IEWP-11.2(1)/CMT/181

  • Integrated Approach to total product cost reduction, for LOJIC & EEMDC IMC

  • Total Quality Management, for ALEB Agriculture Leads Export Business a USAID Project implemented by the Institute of International Education IIE, March 2002, Purchase order No. 500

  • Strategic Marketing, for ALEB Agriculture Leads Export Business a USAID Project implemented by the Institute of International Education IIE, March 2002

  • Production Planning & Management, for Goldentex Group of companies, for EMC, Private Sector Development Program PSDP (Europe-Mediterranean Partnership), November 2000

  • Advanced Management Functions and Skills, , for "Misr for Clearing, Settlement and Depository" MCSD and "Capital Market Authority" CMA , Development Training II, a USAID Program implemented by the Institute of International Education IIE, April 2000

  • Overview of Management Functions and Skills, for Misr for Clearing, Settlement and Depository MCSD and Capital Market Authority CMA , Development Training II, a USAID Program implemented by the Institute of International Education IIE, March 2000

  • Maintenance Management, General program organized by EMC, Private Sector Development Program PSDP (Europe-Mediterranean Partnership), 1999

  • Financial Analysis, CQA Centers For Quality Assurance (USAID), 1998

  • Documentary Letters, CQA Centers For Quality Assurance (USAID), 1998

  • Strengthening Information Management Project, Department of Economic and Social Development, UN, 1992-1994.

  • Office Automation project, Department of Technical Co-operation for Development UN, 1993.

  • An introduction to Computer Technology Workshop for Diplomats of the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs MOFA, Khartoum Sudan, UNDP, 1993.

  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Follow-up of MOFA’s Training, UN 1993.

  • Strengthening Information Management of MOFA, Sudan (tow phases), Basic Microcomputer Management and Maintenance and MIS Analysis and Design, UN, 1992.

  • A Software and Hardware Management and Maintenance Training Program for UN Development Program Fellows, UN, 1992.

  • Data Communication and Computer Networks for the Ministry of Planning and Finance, Sudan 1992.

Training Staff

The members of Management and Development Center are highly qualified Egyptian and American trainers and consultants with years of combined experience in all sectors of the Egyptian activities, and with intimate understanding of the international, economic and social challenges which face Egypt today. Our experts are well known in their respective fields for professional reliability both academic and practical. Management and Development Center and its members adhere to the highest international standards of professionalism and excellence. (Attached CVs of Board Members complete list of all part-time members could be submitted upon request)

Main office

M&DC main office is located in Maadi. Administrative Staff are all qualified persons with a computer background. They have a continual self-development program through formal and informal training coaching and counseling.

Training Center

The Training Center is also located in Maadi. It contains the following:

  • Three fully equipped training rooms with different sizes (25-15-10 persons)

  • A dinning room serving 25 persons at the same time.

  • Computer lab with 8 computers’ network under the latest edition of Windows NT & Microsoft Back- Office environment.