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Description of the Problem


  • Owners of small business often have real competencies in their areas of specialization yet they did not have sufficient skills to manage their projects effectively.

  • Short-term management training courses could not cover their growing needs and could not either solve their day to day problems. Besides if they face unexpected problems they could not afford to hire a highly qualified expensive staff. They are not able to ask for consultation service for it is always costly and it takes relatively long time.

  • We can summarize their problems in one of the following factors:

    • Lack of expertise: they do not have the necessary background to solve their problems.

    • Lack of time: they do not have the time to solve the problem in the due time.

    • Lack of information: they do no know the right person to solve their problems.

    • Lack of financial resources: they could afford to hire an experienced staff or consultant.

  • Past successful experience in the Egyptian market could be a misleading guide for the future. The next coming years will witness an entirely different challenging scenario. Small business sector in Egypt will be more vulnerable to future environmental changes.

  • Survival of small business will depend mainly on its effectiveness. This means higher productive, superior quality, lower cost, aggressive marketing and reliable financial planning.