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Project Outline



  • The client is entitled for (X)  consulting visits per month against the payment of monthly installments

  • The client could select any of project's consultants form the attached list.

  • The client can choose the date and time of the visit within 48 hours of his request.

  • During this visit the consultant will do the following:

    • Discuss the client's needs with the concerned parties

    • Identify the problem and define its impact in present and future

    • Define the framework and the necessary steps for solving the problem (short or long range)

    • Define majors risks if any in the present and in the future

  • The client has the right for (Y) phone calls after each visit if he needs more explanations or feedback on his actions towards solving the problem

  • The consultant will submit to the client a standard short report (within two days) to brief out all the findings and recommendations