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Illustrates how the NET can be used for policies, orientations, etc.

(CAHRS) is a mutually beneficial partnership between outstanding faculty researchers and over 50 of the world's major corporations.

It maintains several HR-related sites and an excellent index of Industrial & Labor Relations sites.

CUPA is composed of more than 6,000 personnel professionals from the higher education community. Details programs and resources available, many links, and includes job listings.

Offers an array of HR-related materials including a virtual library of links.

Articles, information, and HR related products.

Articles, assessments, sample survey reports.

offering free HR articles, software, free membership

Articles and information on various HR related issues.

Free Articles

Ethan Winning has published over 200 articles on various HR topics, many of these articles are available through this page.

Events and Conferences, Publications

Membership association

Research, Publications, and Working Papers about labor and employment relations

Library, News, and Links for personnel assessment

  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

HR Job Openings, Library, Online Publications, Consultants Directory...

Australia's leading professional body for HR.  AHRI boasts a membership of 12,000. The site includes extensive links and some reading material for the HR professional.

An organization dedicated to providing current perspectives on human resource and business issues.

This organization's focus is on the effective use of information systems in HR. Included in the site is an HRIS buyer's guide, HR technology job postings and more.

Research, Benchmarking, Training, and Membership infogovt.

SHRM provides its members with education and information services, conferences and seminars, government and media representation, and publications. Although many areas are only available to SHRM members there is a significant amount of information made accessible to all visitors. One of the premier HR-related sites on the Web.

This certification is performance-based rather than education-based. It recognizes practitioners who have demonstrated proficiency in 10 Standards of Performance Technology in ways that are in keeping with the Code of Ethics

An association dedicated to increasing productivity in the workplace through the application of performance and instructional technologies.

listserv discussion group homepage. Created and maintained by John W. Boudreau, an Associate Professor of HR at Cornell.

This site offers discussion forums, bulletin boards, and real-time chat functionality for those interested in HR systems and related topics.

(shrm online) Society for Human Resources Management.

Editorials, Management Reference Library, Forums, etc.

Many HR related options available once in this homepage.

Articles and List of Links on HR topics

Free information, surveys, articles, research.

Offers psychology, organizational psychology, and HRD resource

Offers links to many sites on the Internet for HR professional. Their site includes their own listing of various HR information system vendors homepages.

Job Opportunities, Resource Center, Marketplace for HR publications

A comprehensive and international link from the United Kingdom.

a link to several HR-related sites and companies.

Info on HR Software and Conferences

HR Forums, Resources, Bookstore, Career Information

The site allows the visitor to search for products & services, HR events, professional associations, job opportunities, and other HR links.

Guide to human resources information on the internet.

links for human resources by

Specializes in new Technologies and Business Processes with special emphasis in the area of Human Resources. Focus on training and communications on/using the Internet.

News, Research, Links, and Publication info on ecology work

HR information regarding positive employee relations practices

The walker group.integrating business strategy and the management of people.

The World Bank Institute creates learning opportunities for countries, World Bank staff and clients, and people committed to poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Workforce Tools, HR Training, Forums, Career Information, more

Study of HRD theories, processes, and practices; to disseminate information about HRD

The website has information regarding "Leading Companies", "Equity Solutions", and a "Resource Library."

offers links, articles, and information to the HR professional. Most areas can only be accessed by members but the registration is painless and free.

It is an association dedicated to increasing productivity in the workplace through the application of performance and instructional technologies.

Addresses the dual topics of job analysis and personality assessment.

Many links and listserv citations from this economics professor.

Has been put together by Brian Croft.

A substantial amount of HR-related information on-line at no charge.

The site offers suggestions and resources for improving the performance and potential of employees.

Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Information and List of Links

(UCSD) University of California San Diego human resources department.

Electronic version of HR Policy Manual

A Service of The Benchmarking Network, Inc. -linking over 140,000 members and participants for over 12 years.


Elaine C. Winfrey Graduate Student SDSU Educational Technology

Articles, FAQ's, 360-degree Process, Tools, Links

(ZPG) Zigon Performance Group

Measurement Resources, Publications, Workshops

The site is dedicated to those engaged in applications, research, and training in personnel assessment to meet the needs of public and private organizations.

Information on survey development and use.

Various online Appraisal Forms that can be downloaded from the Univ. of Arizona

Articles and case studies on strategies for organizational and executive development.

Articles on learning

Design, development, implementation, and maintenance of training in the industrial workplace.

The site gives information regarding this 65,000 member organization. The site contains links to other HR-related sites and ASTD local chapters.

Association -- membership required

Evaluates multimedia, online courses, videos, software, and print training material.

Summary of discussion threads from Training & Development Discussion List

Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluation by: Elaine C. Winfrey Graduate Student
SDSU Educational Technology.

Articles, research results, and information.

Articles, information and list of links on employee rewards and recognition.

Information, products, and articles on simulation training.

Is a website offering an on-line directory of training resources.

Information, discussion list, articles, and links.

The Ultimate Education & Training Portal for Career Development

offers the visitor the ability to search their database (no charge to list your event in the database or search it!) for relevant training events. The site includes a job/resume posting service, an on-line magazine, and searchable product/service directory.

By Eric Snyder. It is a comprehensive homepage linking to many sites and offering a great deal of vendor information. HR guid to the internet.

Welcome to the On-Line. Position Description Questionnaire Program. Where you can create your own Position Description On-Line Questionnaires on-line.

By: HR-Guide.Com .