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LCI is now a non-profit corporation. They do research to develop knowledge regarding project based production management in the design, engineering, and construction of capital facilities

Levinson Productivity Systems offers training and consulting services in lean manufacturing.

LIB is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the diffusion of Lean Thinking, through a network of companies and practitioners interested in the development and application of this concept, considered the new production and business paradigm that is replacing the mass production. Based on the Toyota Production System, Lean Thinking has been used by several companies, resulting in higher levels of quality, productivity, and competitiveness.  

Lean Institute Turkey is a non-profit organization, established to disseminate Lean Thinking and its implementation within the country and dedicated to training activities for knowledge transfer. 

  • Lean Enterprise Academy

    The Lean Enterprise Academy is a non-profit Academy (a company with no shares and limited by guarantee) established to develop knowledge of Lean Thinking and its implementation and to disseminate this knowledge through publications and workshops. Based in the UK and led by Professor Daniel T. Jones. 

1. Academic

The mission of the Lean Enterprise Advancement Program (LEAP) is to improve the competitiveness of North Carolina manufacturing firms through understanding and implementing lean enterprise business systems. LEAP emphasizes implementation of lean enterprise principles and practices based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). The LEAP mission is implemented through in-plant applications, public training, and manufacturing networks. 

  • Warwick University – Warwick Manufacturing Group

    WMG is one of Europe's leading manufacturing groups and is involved in publicly and privately funded research on innovation in products and in manufacturing processes, with a focus on research, development and application of new approaches for a wide range of industrial sectors. In all of its activities WMG adopts a partnership approach, involving industry closely in the delivery of its extensive research, technology transfer and training programmes

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Lean Practices - Tutorials: Lean Roadmap - The Planning and Implementation Process  - Value Stream Analysis  - Visual Control (5-S)  - Standardized Work - One Piece Flow  - Quick Changeover (SMED) - Total Productive Maintenance - Error-Proofing - Pull Scheduling  - Kaizen

On-Line Courses: University  - Additional Resources  -  Article Archive

Six Sigma Quality Resources for Achieving Six Sigma Results  Articles, dictionary, Discussion Forum on lean enterprise & Six Sigma.

Articles & Case Studies on lean Manufacturing

4. Articles

TEFEN Operation Management Consultanting

PowerPoint presentation 

Lean Aerospace Initiative, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Version 1.0, June 5, 2000

Business process improvement (reengineering) handbook of standards & guide line. November 30 1995.vergin 1.0.

250+ ways to save energy  and reduce industrial utility costs

The premier society dedicated to advancing mobility engineering worldwide.

Edited by David Rizzardo and Richard Brooks

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Mohammed Fadhil Dulaimi1 and Caroline Tanamas2

Dr. James P. Womack, President, Lean Enterprise Institute

  • Getting Started on the Lean Journey: First, Take a Walk!

  • The Product Family Matrix: Homework Before Value Stream Mapping

  • Mapping Your Current State: The Physical Flow

  • Mapping Your Current State -- Information Flow

  • How Can We Create A Lean Value Stream?