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Team Building



  • Stage 1: Orientation

  • Stage 2: Dissatisfaction

  • Stage 3: Resolution

  • Stage 4: Production

  • S1 High Directive & Low Supportive Behavior

  • S2 High Directive & High Supportive Behavior

  • S3 Low Directive & High Supportive Behavior

  • S4 Low Directive & Low Supportive Behavior

Group Dynamic








Moderate High







Leadership Style 

S 1

S 2

S 3

S 4



  1. Determine Vision, Set Goals and Roles

  2. Diagnosis Development Level of the Group

    • Productivity

    • Morale

  3. Match Appropriate Leadership Style

  4. Deliver Appropriate Leadership Style

  5. Begin to manage the Journey to group empowerment

  • Purpose: Clear Common Goals with Clear Individual Roles

  • Empowerment: Members feel a personal and collective sense of power and have access to necessary skills and resources

  • Relationships and Communication: Members express themselves openly and honestly and Differences of opinion and perspective are valued.

  • Flexibility: Members are adaptable to changing demands.

  • Optimal Productivity: High Output, excellent Quality, Effective Decision Making and Clear Problem solving process

  • Recognition and Appreciation: Team contributions are valued and recognized by the organization.

  • Morale: Individuals are confident, motivated, have a sense of pride and satisfaction about their work with a strong sense of cohesion and team spirit

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This website is a resource for businesses and organizations interested inharnessing the power of teams.

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