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Computerized Maintenance Management system CMMS & Asset Management



1. CMMS Definition 

Computer systems that schedule, track and monitor maintenance activities and provide cost, component item, tooling, personnel and other reporting data and history. CMMS systems can often be interfaced with production scheduling and cost systems, and may be used to follow preventive maintenance policies.

2. Essential Factors in a CMMS

  • Creation of a Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Collection of Equipment Data to trigger Privative Maintenance

  • Track Tools, Spares, Parts, etc

  • Create work orders that list the information required to plan the job

  • Track moving spare parts

  • Handle contract purchasing with vendors

3. CMMS Packages


MAXIMO® 5 / Asset Management  MRO Software

The MAXIMO suite provides a comprehensive set of solutions to meet the strategic asset management needs of any organization. MAXIMO asset management solutions can be deployed on a single machine for small to mid-sized companies, yet its scalability and performance meet the demands of global, distributed enterprises that operate multiple sites and organizations, utilizing multiple languages and currencies.

  • Asset management

  • Work management

  • Materials management

  • Purchasing capabilities

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Reporting and Analytic capabilities 


  • MP2 (an  Integrated Asset Management System)

Offer general information as well as product-specific overviews about Datastream's line of comprehensive asset management solutions. Web-based seminars last 1 hour and include a 15-minute interactive question and answer session at the end.

Oracle Maintenance Management

Oracle Maintenance Management is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, integrating with other E-Business Suite applications, including Manufacturing and Supply Chain Planning. Maintenance Management Product Family are:
Maintenance Management Product Family


 FAMIS "Enterprise Facilities Management" suite, coalesces the many aspects of facilities management into one integrated system—much like the ERP suites do for back office applications. The entire facilities life cycle—space planning, construction management, maintenance and operations—are managed by one, integrated, software suite. All the applications in FAMIS are designed and engineered to work together, on the Internet, so customers buying the entire suite need to do little, if any, systems integration.

TabWare , an Assetpoint  product

TabWare is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)/Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution designed, developed, and supported by AssetPoint from a 25-year history of asset management solutions.

TabWare Modules are:

  • Equipment Module: Other TabWare modules use this information to create work orders, perform scheduling activities, and track equipment resources.  The Equipment Module tracks equipment by location and serial number, and access features provide the ability to view applicable vendor drawings or information.

  • Event Tracking: Module tracks any type of event that occurs within a plant, including accidents, emissions, inspections, corrective actions, audits, work orders, and other types of events. This module provides for complete documentation of events, including information for regulatory reports, internal reports, documents, and drawings; captures component, condition, and action codes for analysis; and allows users to create follow-up work orders for corrective action.

  • Work Order Module: provides complete work process management from quick and easy initiation of work orders through planning, scheduling, execution, and completion. Comprehensive graphical analyses are provided to display performance trends and provide quick analysis of maintenance and cost information.

  • Scheduling Module: allows development of a schedule by selecting work orders from the backlog using predefined parameters. Schedules can be based on work assigned to a particular supervisor, work scheduled for a given geographical area, or another criterion of the client’s choice. The Scheduling Module allows users to set resource levels and develop "what-if" scenarios. A hierarchy of schedules can be created and work “dragged and dropped” from one schedule to another. Graphical resource levelling allows users to see planned and available resources at a glance.

  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) Module: , PM work orders can be scheduled based on time and/or units. PM Master Plans describe the resources and materials required and have links to assets and equipment via a schedule record. TabWare provides for planning & scheduling capability. This module includes development of equipment-oriented procedures for repetitive use with rebuilds, inspections, calibrations, and other repetitive-type work.

  • Resource Module: provides basic information concerning employees displayed on the master employee list, including individual skills, pay scales, craft certifications, and job classifications available to support a multi-skill environment.

  • Inventory Module: provides tracking of immediate inventory, including multiple plant or storeroom environments. This module maintains cost and transaction history and can generate reports on inventory evaluations, balances, and usage levels to determine the optimum stocking levels for your operation.

  • Purchasing Module: employs a unique one-stop shopping approach that combines the work order planning for materials, tools, services, and purchasing requisitions. It tracks all requisitions from initial entry and approval through purchase order (PO) issue, receipts, and invoicing. Change orders and blanket orders are supported, and an expediting mechanism tracks orders from issue to receipt. Once POs are issued, TabWare can electronically transmit them to suppliers. The unique Buyers Backlog feature allows each buyer to expedite requests through the system for enhanced efficiency.

  • Invoice Matching Module

  • Setup Module

  • Security Module


world's leading provider of fleet and public transportation asset and maintenance management software solutions



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5. CMMS Software Vendors

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