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Strategic Maintenance



“If you don’t know where you are heading, any road will take you there.”


1. Maintenance Mission Statement

  • To preserve the functions of our physical assets throughout their technologically useful lives (Reliability)

  • To the satisfaction of their owners, of their users, and of society as a whole (Stakeholders)

  • By selecting and applying the most cost-effective techniques

  • For managing failures and their consequences

  • With the active support of all the people involved.

 John Moubray,Aladon , Maintenance Technology

  • Proactively apply our resources to sustain the condition and functionality of the all physical assets.

  • To achieve a level of proactive operational excellence that establishes us as the leader within our industry.

  • Maintain all our assets and infrastructure on a planned and scheduled basis.

  • Extend the life of assets

  • Improved Reliability and Availability

  • Enhanced and consistent product quality

  • Continuity of production and suppliers

  • Quick response and repair times

  • Aggressively identify all assets and associated tasks to be included in the preventive
    maintenance program and enter this information into our Database.

  • Schedule and coordinate preventive maintenance activities to take full advantage of
    available human and fiscal resources.

  • Establish preventive maintenance as our top priority and measure schedule compliance.

  • Progressively incorporate facilities/asset condition assessment into the preventive maintenance program.

  • Planned and regular maintenance are fully funded on an annual basis. Operational%20Sustainability.ppt