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TPM Implementation Steps



1. Preparatory Stage

Step 1: Announcement of TPM

  • Proper understanding, commitment and active involvement of the top management in needed for TPM implementation.

  • Top management needs to create an environment that will support the introduction of TPM.

  • Without the support of management, scepticism and resistance will kill the initiative.

  • Top management should have awareness programs, after which announcement is made to all.

  • Publish it in the house magazine and put it in the notice board.
    Send a letter to all concerned individuals if required.

Step 2: Launch a formal education program 

  • This program will inform and educate everyone in the organization about TPM activities, benefits, and the importance of contribution from everyone.

  • Training is to be done based on the need. Some need intensive training and some just an awareness.

  • Take people who matters to places where TPM already successfully implemented.

Step 3: Create an organizational support structure

  • This group will promote and sustain TPM activities once they begin.

  • This group needs to include members from every level of the organization from management to the shop floor.

  • This structure will promote communication and will guarantee everyone is working toward the same goals.

Step 4: Establish basic TPM policies, working systems and quantifiable goals

  • Analyze the existing conditions and set goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based.

Step 5: Outline a detailed Master Deployment Plan

  • This step is an implementation leading to institutionalizing wherein TPM becomes an organizational culture.

  • This plan will identify what resources will be needed and when for training, equipment restoration and improvements, maintenance management systems and new technologies.

  • Achieving PM award is the proof of reaching a satisfactory level.

2. Introduction Stage

Step 6: TPM kick-off

  • Implementation will begin at this stage.

  • This is a ceremony and we should invite all.

  • Suppliers as they should know that we want quality supply from them.

  • Related companies and affiliated companies who can be our customers, sisters concerns etc.

  • Some may learn from us and some can help us and customers will get the communication from us that we care for quality output.

3. Implementation Stage

  • In this stage 8 activities are carried which are called eight pillars in the development of TPM activity:

    • 4 Activities are for establishing the system for production efficiency

      • 5 S

      • Autonomous Maintenance

      • Individual Improvement

      • Preventive Maintenance

    • 1 Activity for initial control system of new products and equipment "Quality Maintenance"

    • 1 Activity for improving the efficiency of administration "Office TPM "

    • 1 Activity for Training & Development

    • 1 Activity for control of safety, sanitation as working environment.


Step 7: Improve effectiveness of each piece of equipment

  • Project Teams will analyze each piece of equipment and make the necessary improvements.

Step 8: Develop an autonomous maintenance program for operators

  • Operators routine cleaning and inspection will help stabilize conditions and stop accelerated deterioration.

Step 9: Develop a planned or preventive maintenance program

  • Create a schedule for preventive maintenance on each piece of equipment.

Step 10: Conduct training to improve operation and maintenance skills

  • Maintenance department will take on the role of teachers and guides to provide training, advice, and equipment information to the teams.

Step 11: Develop an early equipment management program

  • Apply preventive maintenance principles during the design process of equipment.

4. Institutionalizing Stage

Step 12: Continuous Improvement

  • As in any Lean initiative the organization needs to develop a continuous improvement mindset.

  • By all there activities one would has reached maturity stage.

  • Now is the time for applying for PM award.

  • Also think of challenging level to which you can take this movement.