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Reengineering Material & Warehousing Systems



Redesign the Business Process, which flow across the functional areas, in order to lead significant improvement in quality of material and warehousing system

All departments, the functional areas and activities which could affect Material & Warehousing System

  • Defining Critical Success Factors CSF for Material & Warehousing Systems

  • Break down the CSFs into Critical Business Process

  • Prioritizing Process for Improvement

  • Understanding Customer Requirements (External & Internal)

  • Identifying Process Boundaries and Process Owners

  • Break down Process into activities

  • Document the Current State & Flowcharting

  • Perform Functional Analysis

  • Eliminate non value added activities

  • Define Improvement Opportunities against  Projected steady state Benefits

  • Define Initiatives/ Time/Constraint

  • Develop Alternatives:

    • A different input: A process improvement may reduce costs by simplifying an input changing the input's properties while retaining its fit, form, and function).

    • A different control: A revised regulation may relax a process tolerance, causing a cost decrease.

    • A different by-product: An improved process may reduce or eliminate waste.

    • A different mechanism: Changing the skill level may reduce the time and cost to execute a task, or automating a process may reduce cost by displacing manual activities offset by the process automation investment).

    • A different set of activities: Eliminating non- value added activities.

  • Define Action Plan for each Alternatives

  • Steady-State Comparison of Alternatives